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Poljane mirror carp

Poljane mirror carp

The Poljane mirror carp product line was created in the sixties. The fish breed is characteristic of patchy scaling, raised back with smaller head, and regular scaling on the belly and back. Its attributes are excellent production quantity, fast growth and resilience to diseases. It is suitable for artificial breeding, both extensively and semi-intensively. Fisheries Poljana follow century-old traditional methods of fish production.

Mirror carp extensive breeding takes 3 years and results in a distinctive meat quality. The meat retains a solid texture in cooking, has high nutriotional values and is easily digestable. It is rich in essential saturated fatty acids thusly beneficial for human health. A common ingredient in Croatian culinary specialties like grilled carp and fish paprikas.

Crop for fish feed come from nearby plantations. A well-balanced feed mixed with natural food from the ponds give off a distinctive meat chemical composition in a Poljane mirror carp.

Traditionally bred in the pristine area of the rivers Ilova, Toplica and Čavlovica free of polluters, this ecological product is well received domestically and internationally.

Fisheries Poljana Ltd.

Fisheries Poljana is a significant Croatian producer of freshwater fish in this part of Europe. The company was founded in 1902. Fisheries Poljana has a century-old long tradition of fish production, developing its name and brand despite political and economical changes. In 1993, it restructures into a limited company. We produce healthy quality natural fish. By basing the production technology on a century-old long tradition we preserve the balance in the ecosystem and produce top quality fish. Fisheries Poljana is located in the West Slavonia region. It is built on the Ilova river middle stream’s left river bank, expanding over...