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Foreign language courses

Foreign language courses

Attempting to promote lifelong learning and education, throughout the previous years, POU Vinkovci is the regional coordinator for the national education campaign Lifelong Learning Week for both Brodsko-Posavska and Vukoarsko-Srijemska counties which is organised by the Agency for Vocational Education and Training.

Public Open University Vinkovci

Public Open University Vinkovci offers a wide range of educational options in the area of acquiring and improving key competencies, mainly in the area of foreign language learning and IT. They are competences and skills which have a permanent ongoing demand and offer the greatest mobility in terms of employment or adapting to new demands of pre-existing workplaces. The university values its focus on quality, usability and persistence of accomplished learning outcomes of our students the most. Every syllabus is carefully developed and tested before it is offered to the market, and the results are high learning outcomes and students...