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Podravec is a unique semi-hard, fatty cheese made from cow milk and developed in Bjelovar Sirela thirty years ago. A sort of a synonym for Croatian semi-hard cheeses, Podravec is pronouncedly yellow, with evenly spaced medium-sized holes. It is of mildly sour taste, but as time passes, it takes on a sweetish flavour. It has no crust and is easy to cut. Sirela’s Podravec premium is cut into thin slices for easier enjoyment in this delicious cheese. The modern packaging technology keeps long-lasting freshness, flavour and fragrance of the cheese, and protects it from external influences. And most importantly, this packaging can be repeatedly opened and closed, which will surely bring much pleasure to gourmets who like to reach for their favourite slice of cheese often. Podravec is available in 250 g, 400 g, 1 kg and 2 kg packagings, while sliced Podravec is available in 150 g packaging.

Sirela Podravec proudly bears the “Croatian Creation” label.
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Dukat Inc.

With 14 production facilities in Croatia (Dukat dairy plants, Sirela and KIM dairy plant Karlovac), Bosnia and Herzegovina (Inmer dairy plant), Serbia (Somboled dairy plant), Macedonia (Ideal dairy plant) and Romania (LaDorna dairy with eight production plants), Dukat dairy industry has masterfully positioned itself as the leading Croatian and regional dairy company, making Dukat the leading domestic and regional brand of dairy products. The backbone of the Dukat business philosophy are fresh, natural, healthy and nutritionally rich dairy products without preservatives, produced from domestic milk of the best quality. In all the markets where it is present with its own...

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