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84% of Croatian population decides to buy products of Croatian quality

Plidenta toothpastes: Herbal, Healtcare 15Sekundi, Healtcare Parodont, Healtcare Sensitiv

Plidenta toothpastes: Herbal, Healtcare 15Sekundi, Healtcare Parodont, Healtcare Sensitiv


Other than fluoride, Plidenta Herbal contains a total of six plant extracts that gently act on teeth and gums: chamomile facilitates the healing of wounds and has bacteriostatic qualities; sage disinfects and strengthens gums; cinquefoil prevents inflammation of the mouth and is gentle to the mucous membranes; lemon balm has antibacterial and antiviral properties; hamamelis helps with infections and injuries, and rosemary deodorizes and has antiseptic powers. Plidenta Herbal is one of the most favourite toothpastes in Croatia and abroad.


PLIDENTA Healthcare 15Seconds

PLIDENTA 15Seconds is a sensational new solution to the problem of cavities. This special multifunctional toothpaste with a dual action mechanism against cavities is scientifically proven to work after only 15 seconds thanks to its unique formula with probiotic base and hops extract, which no regular anti-cavity toothpaste can achieve. Probiotic bacteria are clinically proven to eliminate the most common causes of tooth decay, namely the Streptococcus mutans bacteria, while hops further prevents them from clinging to the surface of the teeth and has anti-inflammatory and antiplaque properties. The whitening system in Plidenta 15Seconds is based on preventing the transformation of initial amorphous tartar into crystal tartar and will quickly bring back a dazzling smile on your face. PLIDENTA 15Seconds does not contain fluoride, preservatives or sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS).


PLIDENTA Healthcare Parodont

Thanks to its active formula and complete action mechanism, the new Plidenta Parodont is clinically proven to operate nearly 5 times faster than the most popular toothpaste against gum bleeding after just 7 days of use. It helps stop gum bleeding, irritated and sensitive gums, and prevents gingivitis and periodontitis. Sage aids in reducing bleeding and acts against gingivitis, soothes and tightens the gums; myrrh works to heal wounds; Salvadora persica acts against gingivitis, provides a special clean feel in the mouth, and restores the natural colour of teeth. Ginger is a known antioxidant that acts as a stimulant and anti-irritant, enhanced with the famous antioxidant coenzyme Q10 that protects and strengthens the gums against periodontal disease, reduces inflammation and repairs cells, while red rudbeckia assists in prolonging cell life, and fluoride additionally protects against cavities.


PLIDENTA Healthcare Sensitiv

Plidenta’s new special toothpaste against hypersensitive teeth in comparison to similar toothpastes on the market works with dual action on teeth sensitive to external stimuli, and also safely diminishes this often uncomfortable sensation that troubles many people. It contains potassium nitrate and arginine, two active ingredients that deactivate the nerve tip, preventing irritation from transmitting further onto the nerve itself. Clove has soothing, antiseptic and anti-odour properties, while increased fluoride protects against cavities and plaque.


Neva Ltd.

Neva Ltd. is the oldest and the leading Croatian manufacturer of cosmetic and hygiene products, a member of Atlantic Group, one of the largest and the most propulsive company in Croatia and wider region. Neva in its portfolio since 1948 produces top leading brands in the Croatian market, such as Plidenta toothpaste, lip balms Rosal Lip Balm, Cosmetics Rosal and Melem. All Neva's products developed exclusively in our own laboratories in Zagreb are the result of knowledge, experience and innovativeness of Croatian experts, monitoring the development of science, technology and applications of the experts who deal with the preservation of...

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