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Plavac mali

Plavac mali

Plavac mali Janjina is our brend since 1997. where among the first to emphasize the varietal (Plavac mali) of our wines.

Quallity wine, 12,5 vol % – 13,5 vol. % alcohol, red dry wine, soft and harmonic Plavac, correct balance of wine from positins on hills and fields.

Premium / High quality wine, 12,5 – 14,5 % alcohol, red dry wine, blend of five different vineyard positions near Janjina and mixed by a certain percentage of wine which some parts were aged in barriques.

Plavac mali Dranče / Plavac mali Dranče

Premium wine “of big sea.”  14.5 vol % – 16.0 vol. % alcohol, dry, sometimes semi dry, southern position of peninsula Pelješac, position Dranče.

Revitalized positions of our cooperatives, with triple insolation (sun, reflection of the sea and stones). Yields per vine in this positons could be about 500 g per vine / 1.1 lb per vine.

Desert sweet wine 15 % alcohol, about 128 g/l of sugar residue. Prošek (local sinonim Roasted wine) is producing from dried grapes of Plavac mali, which was dried by  hot sun and reflection of the sea, on roof of the winery for 40 days.

One of the unique products of our company for a few years.

Pelješki vrhovi agriculture cooparative Janjina

Pelješki vrhovi agriculture cooparative Janjina was found in 1902. , as a rural treasury for savings and loans.  Since its establishment until now works continuously and counts more than a 152 owners/ cooperartives. Cooperative is in municipality Janjina, central part of peninsula Pelješac. In addition to the winery as a main activity, owns an olive oil production and a coffee house in Janjina. Winery is in placed in village called Drače, which has old port, where was in last century used for transporting wine  in wine ships. Degustation room is placed in old barrel which contained 210 000 liters /...