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Plavac Blato – quality wine

Plavac Blato – quality wine

Plavac Blato is a quality red dry wine from controlled origin from the wine-growing hills in the island of Korčula. It is obtained from Plavac sort which has been cultivated for centuries on Blato locations. It is a predominant sort of grape wine in these regions. Plavac Blato is characterised by crystal ruby colour, it has a pleasant and rich aroma and peculiar and light astringent taste. It combines ideally with piquant cheeses, blue fish dishes and deer specialities. It contains 12 – 13% of alcohol.


Blato1902 Inc.

Blato 1902 Inc. has been established as a cooperative of farm labourers, created on centenary traditions of cultivation of grape wine, olive and other Adriatic cultures. It is the legal successor of all forms of agricultural association and organisation in Blato. The basic activity of the company is production, processing and distribution of wines and olive oils, although it is also involved in other activities such as catering and tourism. The seat of the company is in Blato and business units are in Zagreb, Selska 56 and Rijeka, Zagrebačka 2. It covers the entire Croatian market, while part of basic...

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