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Smooth plum jam

Smooth plum jam

The Podravka smooth plum jam is a unique high-quality product of natural taste, abiding homemade jam qualities. This product is the result of a long fruit proccessing tradition ever since 1934. The jam is produced following the original homemade recipe from 1975, being one of its kind. The characteristic taste, aroma and jam consistency are the result of Podravka’s team of experts implementing the original ingredients into modern food production but retaining the unique homemade taste. The distinctly-shaped checkered lid characteristic of rustic jars conveys that the product is traditionally made. The jam is being made in different packaging for the domestic and foreign market.

Produced in a traditional way following the original recipe and implementing special production techniques, with a distinctive checkered lid, the plum jam as a result of Podravka’s production effort is widely recognized in quality as a „Genuine Croatian Product“.


Podravka is the current largest food company located in the Central, East and South East Europe. The most recognizable Podravka brands Vegeta and Podravka are sold on all the world's continents. Podravka has company branches in 17 countries and a distribution network expanding from the Adriatic to the North Sea. Podravka aims to be the leading company of the South East, Central and East Europe in the areas of innovation, science, connectivity and growth. The company's annual growth is projected to 10%, accounted from the rise in sale, strategic partnerships and aquisitions of regional food companies of market interest.

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