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Pag lace

Pag lace

Pag lace, sewn with a needle, finds its origins in the heritage of textile handicraft of the eastern Mediterranean. It’s safe to say that its quality equals that of lace products of neighbouring countries on the same cultural circle, and its characteristics differentiate it from them.

It is made in the Town of Pag on the island of Pag, and is still preserved in its original form. Its originality makes it different from the other laces sewn with a needle or mallets.

TOWN of PAG -APLM “Frane Budak”

Association of Pag Lace Makers "Frane Budak" from Pag was founded in 1997 to promote the preservation of workmanship of Pag lace, this handicraft of superior quality, as a part of our cultural heritage and the world lacework heritage. The Association has, since its foundation, been guided by the notion that lace, due to its originality and diversity, should be held in place of special importance, and along those lines, it cooperates with other important figures in the field of lace, both at home and abroad, participating in various exhibitions, festivals and similar. It actively participates in the lace school...