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Ovo Brandy

Ovo Brandy

Ovo Brandy is an original and unique product in Croatia, with a tradition that dates back to 1925. Thick liqueur of aromatic fragrance, pleasant familiar taste and unparalleled flavour, prepared from quality ingredients (fresh egg yolks, fresh milk and sugar) strengthens and refuels. It can be consumed in combination with some carbonated soft drinks, giving it a refreshing flavour, and it also goes well with black coffee.

Ovo Brandy is used in confectionery for toppings and cream and cake additives, and is also an ingredient in some creative cocktails.

It has been awarded at the Food and Beverages Fair in Split several times, as well as the International Wine Fair in Ljubljana.

The alcohol percentage of Ovo Brandy is 18 percent. It is filled in 1.00 and 0.7 litre bottles.

Darna Ltd.

Darna Ltd., a liquor factory from Rovinj, has a long tradition of liqueur production. From the few distilleries and strong alcoholic drinks factories that existed during the Austro-Hungarian and Italian rule in Rovinj, only this one is still active. The founder of the company and its first owner, Giorgio Benussi, started its operations in 1925, although there are assumptions that it had happened much earlier. Since 1948, the production of liqueurs is executed as a part of the General agricultural cooperative (after World War II the factory was nationalized), and then as a part of Jadran-turist. Since 1996, the factory...

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