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Osjecko light beer

Osjecko light beer

The story of the Osijecko beer is a story of pride, a centuries-old tradition and mastery transformed into one of the favourite drinks of Slavonia. It is a story of more than three centuries long tradition of brewing in Osijek dedicated to the production of the original Osijek beer of top quality ingredients, the crystal clear water from their own wells, top-quality barley, corn and hops, the abundance of love and a pinch of Slavonian pride, unique ingredients are combined in taste of Osijecko beer.

Osijecko beer is produced according to the old, original recipe and following the instructions of the first master brewer. Its production takes about a month – in order to combine well its ingredients in the superb flavour of beer in what was once enjoyed.

The traditional production method relates primarily to a long process of preparation, but the technical and technological processes of production and distribution, takeovers and storage of raw materials, cooking the wort, primary fermentation, maturation, stabilization and filtration of beer, filling, packaging and storage and control and quality management through physical-chemical, microbiological and sensory analytics and controls are on the most modern level.

Osiječko light beer is a lager beer that prides itself on refreshing taste, a fine, a measured bitterness and pale gold colour. Packing in brown bottles protects the product and allows the consumer stability and consistency of all the elements and components of taste, smell, colour and aroma of beer. It pours a glass bottle of 0.50, 0.33 and 0.25 l cans of 0.50 and 0.33 l, pet bottles of 1 and 2 l and barrels of 30 and 50 l.

Osijek brewery Ltd.

Tax books from 1697 refer about the production of beer in Osijek (Tvrđavica and Varos). Location in the centre of the city limits further development, however, the brewery moved to a new location in Zeleno polje in 1979. Osijek Brewery Ltd. is the largest brewery in the Croatian property. In 2009 Osijek beer gets new clothes following its tradition, but also accepting current trends and challenges. Osijek beer production is realized through their own sources of water along with a modern and contemporary plant of preparation that ensures a constant and consistent quality; selected and defined raw materials; "normal" process...