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Ogulin’s pickled cabbage

Ogulin’s pickled cabbage

Ogulin’s pickled cabbage – production lines cabbagehead and grated cabbage (shredded) have for years been well-known products from Ogulin in Croatian market.  The company Madig Ltd. has since 1990 been a supplier of Ogulin’s pickled cabbage to the home market and since 2000 it has been fermenting and packaging it in its own facility. Ogulin’s pickled cabbage is a local variety (plant population) the seed of which is gained exclusively in family farms in Ogulin region and only for own production. By a hundred-year growing in ecologically almost optimal conditions (climate, soil) and by selection of cabbageheads for seed production directly from cabbage growers, continuity in quality of raw material used in souring is ensured. Current share of the variety Ogulin’s pickled cabbage of 70% in prepared product ensures above average quality of Madig’s pickled cabbage and the company plans to maximize its share with 100% raw material of the original variety in production to contribute to the keeping of its continuous quality.

Madig – Mrežnica Ltd.

Tvrtka Madig Ltd. was founded in 1991 and employs 250 employees. Along with trade and meat industry, its focus are growing, souring and production of Ogulin’s pickled cabbage which owing to fifty-year tradition has been recognized as a quality product produced in favourable climatic conditions. Bringing together of numerous producers with the aim of product quality improvement and organized buy-off and processing, entailed an all-encompassing organization. An interconnected network of producers was established whose production is monitored and directed by expert agronomists during all phases of growing. The production plant Mrežnica is situated in the area with the largest number...