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Condensate separators

Condensate separators

The company OMV valve is a producer of thermostatic and thermodynamic condensate separators. Their thermostatic separators characterized by a rapid response to the flow of steam or condensate, the functionality which is not conditioned by the high back pressure, installation in any position, and the functionality at low differential pressures, embedded strainer – net. Working range: PN40, Tmax = 400°C and deltapmax = 22 bar. Their thermodynamic condensate separators have a wide field of action and removable seat and disc. Easy to remove cover because of the service, have a thermally enhanced stainless parts and a built-in strainer – net. Working range: PN40, Tmax = 400°C and deltapmax = 40 bar.

Both types of condensate separators are made in the carbon and a stainless version. The range of size is from DN15 to DN50.

OMV Valve Ltd.

The company OMV valve Ltd. was founded in 1993 in Zagreb. The main products of the company are ball valves, condensate separators, condensing boiler and fast closing valves for shipbuilding and stationary plants. The quality of products is confirmed by type-approvals issued by ABS, RINA and the Croatian Register of Ships. The company OMV valve Ltd. has a certificate of the implemented quality system ISO 9001:2000 which was issued by DNV. They are aware that quality of products can be achieved and maintained only if the concept of quality is present in all stages of production and control, and this...

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