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Adult Education- Vukovar

Adult Education- Vukovar

Adult Education Institution Uciliste Studium Vukovar offers a variety of in-house training programs, a workshop aimed at improving the quality and efficiency of adult education.. In line with the needs of the labor market in local and regional sphere, the largest number of programs and activities that have been implemented. The special experience the Uciliste Studium Vukovarhas in the tourism and hospitality sectors, health, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computing, construction and agriculture.

Učilište Studium – Vukovar- adult education institution

Uciliste Studium - adult education institution was founded in 2010 in Vukovar and is currently the leading adult education institution in Eastern Croatia which operates in 6 cities. The school has many years of experience in pre-qualification, training, education and informal education activities through over 112 different programs. Educational and explicit objectives of Uciliste Studium are to increase the creativity and innovation of adults, to improve their motivation and to raise awareness of the need to acquire new knowledge, to improve their professional knowledge and practical skills, to develop new competencies, and especially to focus on an individualized approach to...