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Mikado milk chocolate with rice

Mikado milk chocolate with rice

Chocolate Mikado belongs to the group of milk chocolate of superior quality. It has been produced since 1964 according to traditional recipes of the company and it is constantly improving and perfecting through the technological stages of production. For the production of this delicious chocolate only the best natural raw materials (cocoa, milk) are used and therefore it meets the highest standards of biological value of foods (carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and vitamins). It is made of finest chocolate and poured over cracked rice coating it. The addition of rice to the chocolate provides it with good dietary qualities, which makes it nutritionally desirable and useful. Chocolate has excellent solubility, unique taste and aroma, and with its distinctive and effective packaging it gained the trust of consumers in the domestic and foreign markets. You can find chocolate bars weighing 25g, 75g, 150g, 250g and 300g.


Zvečevo, Food Processing Industry Inc., located in the heart of the Golden Valley – in Požega, has a long tradition of producing spirits - the factory was established in 1921 and shortly after, in 1924, the confectionary factory was established. Making its own products and their development have been their main goals, from the very beginning of the production, and especially today, among strong competition, when Zvečevo Inc. with a clear management strategy: its vision, mission and value - holds a respectable place in the market. The quality tradition which is confirmed through effort and achievement of top quality, original...