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Marko Polo – extra virgin olive oil

Marko Polo – extra virgin olive oil

The production of olive oil in Blato 1902 Inc. began in the middle of last century and was perfected for years pursuant to new production technologies.

Marko Polo extra virgin olive oil is obtained directly from the fruit of olive exclusively by mechanical procedures, from selected sorts of olives from the Western part of the island of Korčula: lastovka, drobnica and oblica in proportions in which a recognisable scent, taste and colour are obtained. Specificities of Marko Polo extra virgin olive oil are: prominent fruity taste, mild piquant and moderate bitterness. The largest part of oil is obtained from the lastovka sort which is rich in polyphenols which are known to be good antioxidants which protect oils from auto-oxidation modifications i.e. early aging and staleness.

It is produced in several packages for both local and foreign market which can recognise quality Croatian product.


Blato1902 Inc.

Blato 1902 Inc. has been established as a cooperative of farm labourers, created on centenary traditions of cultivation of grape wine, olive and other Adriatic cultures. It is the legal successor of all forms of agricultural association and organisation in Blato. The basic activity of the company is production, processing and distribution of wines and olive oils, although it is also involved in other activities such as catering and tourism. The seat of the company is in Blato and business units are in Zagreb, Selska 56 and Rijeka, Zagrebačka 2. It covers the entire Croatian market, while part of basic...

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