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Marinated fillets

Marinated fillets

Marinated sea bass and sea bream

Marinated Adriatic sea bass and sea bream fillets are not thermally treated, only mildly marinated, with light and pleasant sour-salty flavour. The production process consists of fish filleting, deboning, de-skinning and marinating.

Marinated fillets cut into pieces are an ideal supplement to light summer salads. Sea bass and sea bream marinated in this way can be spiced up to taste. We recommend extra virgin olive oil and a little pepper, or your preferred seasoning herbs. It is best served with toast or butter crackers, accompanied with dry white wine or a young red wine of fruity flavour.

Cromaris Inc.

Cromaris is a company that specializes in growing, processing and sale of indigenous Adriatic fish and shellfish. It was established in 2009 through merger of three pioneers of Croatian and European mariculture - Cenmar, Marimirna and Marikultura Istra. Today, Cromaris is one of the top 10 sea bass and sea bream producer in the world and it is recognized as a market leader in quality. This is confirmed by numerous certificates (HACCP, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, FSSC, IFS, GlobalG.A.P., Friend of the Sea), as well as by daily systematic checks and strict control of processes and products. Besides...

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