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84% of Croatian population decides to buy products of Croatian quality



Onion is one of the most important vegetables that is used in every household.

Humble experimental production started in 1995. on agricultural areas of PIK Vinkovci.

Nowadays, about 300 ha of high-quality agricultural land is planted with onions.

PIK Vinkovci is the first producer in the Croatia with direct sowing of onion seed.

Expert engineers are taking care of production of onions. They have different responsibilities, from procurement of first class seeds, technology in the field and technology of storing and packaging.

Considering that this is a delicate and demanding culture, great attention is given to cultivation of crops during the growing season, consisting of weed control, irrigation, fertilizing and protection from diseases and pests.

In order to achieve top quality, all the agro-technical operations are carried out in the designated time periods using specialized mechanization.

PIK VINKOVCI mastered all segments of onion production and will continue with the production of top quality onions which is monitored and controlled from field to table, and based on years of experience and tradition.

PIK Vinkovci plus Ltd.

PIK Vinkovci d.d. is a company with headquarters in Vinkovci. It was established in 1962., and since then it passed multiple changes and adjustments, with the aim of increasing the level of production, employment, growth and development. PIK Vinkovci joined the Agrokor Group in 1994. Since then it has undergone major restructuring in order to improve and modernize the technology of production, and in such way increase its competitiveness in the market place with its high quality products. PIK VINKOVCI currently employs more than 300 permanent and 200 seasonal workers. The main activity of PIK VINKOVCI is agriculture and vegetable...