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LogINFO – Business information system Version 7

LogINFO – Business information system Version 7

Application solution for managing business processes and all potentials of the company

The system covers business areas of production, trade and catering industries.

LogINFO is a simple and unique Application solution which provides quick and accurate information to the user. LogINFO transfers the focus of information system from registering of transactions to the field of planning and managing resources on one hand and integration with business surroundings on the other.

Advantages of offered Application solution

  • complete integration of all modules of the application
  • flexibility and modularity
  • simple and intuitive interface
  • maximum automatization of functions of computerized business processes
  • complete documenting of the whole solution

Modules of ERP System LogINFO

  • LogBI – decision making support module
  • LogROBA – computerizes business processes for trade in goods
  • LogFIN – module for managing finances
  • LogMAT – module for material business doing
  • LogPRO – Computerizes business processes of monitoring and planning the production
  • LogB2B – system of electronic data exchange and digital archives

In focus of our application solution is a module LogBI – support to business decision making which includes:

  • creation of data warehouses intended for wholesale / retail companies
  • modules for analysis and planning and “Data mining” in the fields of sale, procurement, distribution and finances

Application solution LogINFO will add considerably to realizing basic aims of its users e.g. increase in productivity, increase in the value of information, gaining competitive advantage, reduction of costs and increase in income.

LogIN Ltd.

The company LogIN Ltd. was founded in April 1996. It employs around twenty employees and almost exclusively engages in design, creation, implementation and maintenance of business systems. In accordance with the developmental policy of the company, whole profit is invested into further development of the company. Due to such policy, significant investments into equipment, development, personnel training and new employment have been realized. At its founding in 1996, the company had four permanent employees. The assets invested into development, and its defined concept have resulted in success in the market, not only in increase in the number of users but...