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84% of Croatian population decides to buy products of Croatian quality

Leasing of IT equipment and solutions

Leasing of IT equipment and solutions

We offer leasing in which the client takes minimal risks and there are no major initial costs. Every day we increase our array of services with new products which offer additional options and benefits, resulting from continuous monitoring of techology development and the needs of clients and market.

With our offer we have been recognized by IT vendors, not just as a financial institution, but as a partner which refines and intergrates their offer in the IT industry segment. We have achieved this by working together with IT companies on product design so that they can bring as much benefit to the client as they adapt to the complexity of the IT environment and monitor the life cycle of the leasing object. In the recent years the company has developed into a serious organization which is capable of realising even the biggest projects in IT and an organization which finances some of the biggest economic entities and the most important state institutions.

i4next leasing Croatia d.o.o.

i4next leasing Croatia d.o.o. is a leasing company which has been operating since 2006., and was founded by an Austrian company i4next international trading and leasing G.m.b.h., based in Vienna. Since its foundation, the company has specialized for leasing of IT equipment and IT projects and operates with a number of renowned clients from the private and public sectors.