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Lamel parquet

Lamel parquet

On the main location of TVIN company in Virovitica there is also a small factory established in 1979 that produces lamel parquet.

Lamel parquet is made of 8 mm thick lamellas that are arranged on a net forming parquet boards. This boards are then glued to the previously prepared floor surface. As lamel parquet boards are untreated, after laying of parquett, floor must be sanded and laquered. This laquerinq proces usually takes three layers to provide demanded gloss and smoothness. There is also a posibility to apply different stain colors and finishes before applying layers of laquer.

This is the most affordable solid wood flooring. It has low swelling and shrinking behavior and is very sturdy and durable.

Due to the relativly low thickness, it has ideal heat transfer resistance, so it is ideal for laying on underfloor heating systems.

One of the biggest product advantages of lamel parquet is its longevity. It can be sanded and renovated several times which quarantees a floor for a lifetime.

Here in TVIN we produce parquet primarily out of OAK, but there is also a possibility to produce in other solid wood like ASH and BEECH.

We produce differend classic but still attractive bonds like Mosaic, Parallel, Double and Single English bond, Old German bond, Double fishbone and Chebachon (Toscana).

Class sorting for export is done in accordance with DIN 280 norm: Natur-N, Natur B-NB, Gestreift-G and Rustikal.

Classes for Croatian markets are Extra-E, Standard-S, Rustik-R i Van standard-VS

Lamel parquet is still very recognized and respected type of flooring primariliy if a  pearson is looking for a classic appearance of living space, but combined with a modern lifestyle can also be the product of choice for modern living space design.


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