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Did you know that buyers are 63% more likely to purchase products with one of the marks of Croatian quality?

Goat milk ‘z bregov

Goat milk ‘z bregov

Goat’s milk ‘z bregov contains a high percentage of digestible protein and fat, a lot of soluble calcium and vitamins, especially vitamin A, and has bactericidal and immunological properties.

Goat’s milk ‘z bregov is highly recommended to athletes. Due to the structure of fat globules that are extremely tiny, goat’s milk is easily digestible and therefore very important in the diet of older people. It is especially recommended for children and people suffering from various forms of allergies and for people under stress.

Vindija offers it in packages of one liter, 0.5 and 0.2 liters.

Vindija is the only producer of goat’s milk in Croatia, and its high quality was confirmed by gold medals which were received the last four years in a row (2014, 2013, 2012, and 2011) by the DLG (Deutsche Lebensmittel Gesellschaft), a European umbrella association of agriculture.

Vindija Inc.

Vindija Inc., a food giant from Croatia and one of the largest food producers in Europe, has built its success based on innovation, technology and knowledge for more than fifty years. The company rich in tradition with a defined mission, a well-planned strategy and a clear vision of development encompasses eight respectable member companies: Vindija, producer of milk, dairy products and non-alcoholic beverages; Koka, the poultry meat industry; VIR Rijeka, producer of processed cattle meat; Latica bakery from Varaždin; Vindon from Slavonski Brod, the newly built factory for the production and processing of turkey and Domil, Županja county dairy. The...

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