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Kneževa rakija

Kneževa rakija

Rakija made from plums, or popularly called Slivovitz rules Balkans for centuries. The production of top quality Slivovitz was a great quest, special because everyone makes the best Slivovitz.
Kneževa rakija from plums, made on traditional way in old copper kettle using the double distillation preserved in oak barrels to preserve and refine the aroma completely has become widely known and sought in a short period of time.

Old and nearly extinct Hungarian apricot serves as a foundation for the Kneževa rakija from apricot. By selecting only healthy and ripe fruits we have limited our quantities for top quality of our products.
Manual aproning and crunching of apricots is a best way for stabile and calm fermentation process and after the process of distillation on a traditional way Kneževa rakija from apricot is preserved for a time period of eighteen months before it takes its place as a queen of fruit rakija.

Rakija made from pear takes special place among our brands. Delicate, gentile taste of a late sort of pears is completely transformed into Kneževa rakija, making it a product that sets the quality standards of fruit brandies, a standard that is very difficult to reach. Kneževa rakija from pear is a product that every year surprises everyone with the high quality for those who know how to appreciate richness of the taste and aroma.

Main ingredient of Kneževa rakija from herbs is root of medicinal herb Acorus calamus which is used for centuries to protect people who consume Kneževa rakija from herbs as aperitif from gastro problems that can be caused by traditional spicy and hot Baranya cuisine. Mixing Acorus calamus and other therapeutic herbs we get a drink which has characteristics of carminative, digestive and aphrodisiac.

Non-governmental, non-profitable organization „UPRIV“ is the only manufacturer of rakija from quince in Croatia. Until the late fall quince are waiting for the right time to be picked from the trees and placed into our dark gutters were they slowly ferment releasing their sweet bouquet. After they ferment, through the process of distillation which is made in a traditional way using old copper kettles, none of aromatic characteristic get lost, so after the process of stabilization that lasts for eighteen months distillate becomes top quality rakija from quince.

Udruga proizvođača rakije iz voća – UPRIV

Quality is our highest requirement. Our brandy is burned exclusively from healthy, mature fruits. This principle, which is one of the guidelines of our house, has however as a consequence that the quantity, which we can offer to you is limited. The sorted apricot is washed, cut up and converted to the pulp. This then goes into dark cellars and it is kept fermented under the controlled temperature. Distillation takes place in copper boilers using the traditional prescription. The quality of the won distillate is examined in regular chemical analyses. The distillate is stored for two years long period at...