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Karlovačko light beer

Karlovačko light beer

Light beer of golden yellow colour is categorized as a “lager” beer, although its rich hop flavour is reminiscent of the “pils”. It is distinguished by a full flavour with refreshing taste of recentness.

Heineken Croatia Ltd.

HEINEKEN Croatia firmly holds the second place in the Croatian beer market and is an important economic entity in the Republic of Croatia and the Karlovac County. As a member of HEINEKEN Company, the most international beer producer in the world, HEINEKEN Croatia has access to a variety of manufacturing and corporate tools to ensure even greater level of consumer satisfaction. In its product mix, the company has superior products that will satisfy the tastes of adult beer lovers in different occasions. In addition to Karlovačko light beer, this family also numbers: Karlovačko 0.0% Maxx, Karlovačko Radler lemon, Karlovačko Laganini...