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81% of buyers are ready to pay more for one of the products with the mark of Croatian quality.



Of 15 ha arable land, which we started production of medicinal herbs – chamomile, in 2016. production cycle has reached the surface od 430 ha own organic production. The company for many years being operating successfully with 50 local subcontractors which in partnership with company produces chamomile on owns agricultural lands on approximately 800 ha.

Our poduction of chamomile is: flowers of chamomile, chamomile pollen, chamomile herb fine cut and chamomile fines.

DAM Ltd.

Dam L.t.d. is familiy company based in Lozan, Ive Marinkovića 42, close to Virovitica, which builds and develops familiy Mareković since 18.03.1998., developing confidence, excellence, creativity and focus on development of production of medicinal herbs. Company Dam L.t.d. produces medicinal herbs on controlled and secure manner, and which quality guarantee implemented quality systems HACCP, ISO 9001:2008, was introduced in 2008. and system GLOBAL G.A.P. was introduced in 2015. Except in Croatia company Dam L.t.d. being succesful at on foreign markets and 95% of production is oriented to exports. Production is extremly of high quality, allowing for exceptional export competitiveness, and...