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Did you know that buyers are 63% more likely to purchase products with one of the marks of Croatian quality?

Jadro Wafers

Jadro Wafers

A perfect combination of two flavours.

A perfect combination of flavours in crunchy wafer gives double pleasure – whether you have chosen a classic combination of milk and cocoa or exotic coconut and chocolate…

Since the very beginnings of wafer production in late 1952 during the decades, especially JADRO Wafers have become recognized and accepted by the consumers as a high-quality domestic product which gives pleasure and guaranteed quality. By its quality and unique flavour Jadro has until present day gained a large number of loyal consumers. By its perfect combination of two flavours – milk and finest cocoa wrapped in crunchy wafer it was and has remained a real experience for sweets lovers. Apart from that, the label “Croatian Quality” which Jadro bears, guarantees to the consumer that those are the products in the top of world offer in their class. Unique filling with two creams is a trade mark of Jadro which is protected as an industrial model at the State intellectual property office.

Karolina Ltd.

In late 1909 in Osijek began the story of Karolina. Since then and until the present day, Karolina the factory of biscuits, wafers and saltwort has developed its production following the demanding standards of confectionery industry and also offers and places new demands for the market by its innovations. During its long history the company has changed owners several times and therefore its names: Karolina, Sloboda, Lura-keksi, Karolina again (as a member of Lorenz Bahlsen Group) and finally since 2011 it has been a member of Kraš Group. Continuing its tradition and following the existing values it started with a...