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HR plus

HR plus

HRplus is a versatile, adjustable software solution for human resources management developed in-house by KING ICT. It simplifies the processes such as time management, payroll, and benefits calculations and employee assessment. Thanks to its modular structure, HRPlus has the ability to communicate with other applications such as assessment and report programs.

HRPlus gives a wide set of tools to the employers regarding management of their employees. The manager has the ability to calculate payrolls and bonuses, change settings according to legislative changes, oversee working hours, inspect possible absence and do performance and competence appraisals (360 feedback).

As a tool for recruitment and selection, HRPlus is being used as a system for announcing new job opportunities, monitor the recruitment of candidates, analysis and automatic data gathering.

Also, employees can use HRPlus Web Portal in case they need to change personal data, report trip expenses, reimburse costs, choose vacation dates or check out their performance appraisal.

KING ICT d.o.o.

We are an information and communication technology based company in the Adria Region established in 1998 as part of the M SAN Group. Our solutions are developed with the goal of increasing efficiency of business environment, we automate processes, reduce costs through infrastructure optimization and facilitate decisions by providing key information. The developed solutions cover key ICT aspects such as software, Infrastructure and Networking, Technical Security and Passive Network Solutions and are in a wide variety of business activities such as transport, energetics, agriculture, education, judiciary, trade, finance, telecommunications, and construction. Further on, we have established partnerships with leading IT...