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GROF real home-made ham

GROF real home-made ham

Home-made smoked ham is a product gained by processing of quality pork ham through processes of salting, smoke-drying and ripening. On the exterior side, the ham is covered by skin, and a part consists of pure muscles with visible femur joint cup. On the finished product the skin is dry, and its colour ranges from light to dark brown. In a cross-view the muscles are slightly fat-infused and the colour of meat can range from light to dark red which depends on the breed and the way of feeding.

For the production of such a product, quality raw material, controlled process related parameters and each step in the production are important. By their combining and securing sanitary measures a product is produced which meets all the quality standards and by fullness of its flavour provides exquisite gourmet delight.


The company Kudelić Ltd. was founded in 1992 and since its beginnings privately-owned. A new facility in Bedenica was opened in 1997 which includes a slaughterhouse and a plant for meat processing. From the company with only a few employees it has turned into a company which employs around 80 people today and has a range of 90 products and a developed retail network. The company is oriented towards creating its own quality product by using the modern and quality technology, raw materials of controlled origin, experts’ knowledge and all necessary hygienic conditions in work place, to the benefit of...