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81% of buyers are ready to pay more for one of the products with the mark of Croatian quality.



High quality graševina was the first best quality wine of continental Croatia, proclaimed as such as back as in 1976. Today it is a real star among wines. It has a luxurios flavour of ripe grapes, balance of all variety components and one special noble characteristic which is hard to describe so it is necessary to degustate it. It develops complex fruit and flower flavours and mineral refreshing characteristics. With numerous awards received at home and international exhibitions, graševina has in Croatia become a true wine brand even before entering the market.

It can be enjoyed with many dishes but its quality will be best revealed with poultry and white game fish.

Kutjevo Inc.

Kutjevo Inc. has its production plants in Požeška kotlina located in the middle of Slavonia, in continental Croatia which is very fruitful and beautiful. Today Kutjevo Inc. is in majority privately owned company by Enver Moralić, privatized eight and a half years ago and for it full business development is envisaged. It will be developing in the following directions: 1. Production and placing of top quality and quality wines in the market. Kutjevo has 520 ha of its own modern vineyards on the south slopes of the mountains Papuk and Krndija and a long, continuous tradition in production of wines...