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Finished three layer parquet – PAN FIX

Finished three layer parquet – PAN FIX

The company produces parquet from twenty different types of wood mainly Croatian deciduous trees and produces the finished multilayer parquet dimensions 2200 x 206 x 13.5 mm. The base material makes a highly valuable domestic wood, mostly oak, and there are also ash, maple, beech, acacia, steamed cherry, steamed pear, steamed walnut and chestnut. They are also using some exotic wood from Africa iroko and doussié. Finished painted three layer parquet represents lacquered plate with the click profile of three layers fused together. The upper layer is 3.5 mm made from hard wood lamellas that are bonded together in three rows, the middle layer is 8 mm made from pine moldings and the lower layer is 2 mm made from fir peeled veneer. To assemble layers it is used PVAC moisture resistant glue, and surface finish is a polyurethane UV varnish that is applied in five layers.


The company Pan parquet Ltd. was founded in 1996 with the activity of production of parquet. For many years the company has sought to gradual increase in turnover through a series of activities to reinforce the base of business. Its development is based on staff potential emerged from the long-standing tradition in wood processing in the area of Virovitica, Orahovac and Čačinci, and today has more than 90 employees. They produce three-layer finished parquet with three blades and fixed lengths. The company annually produces approximately 300,000 square meters of parquet, of which 80 percent is exported, mostly to Europe. The...