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Gavrilović Salami

Gavrilović Salami

Gavrilović Salami belongs to a group of top quality products. It is the jewel of our production and tradition spanning for more than 200 years. The secret of its originality lies in the production process that has been perfected for centuries and the selection of meat and microclimatic conditions in which it is created.

Top quality pork and beef are used in its production. Stuffing is prepared from cooled meat and hard fat tissue with the addition of selected spices, and is then put in permeable cellulose casings and dried, smoked and dispatched for maturing. The maturing process with a characteristic formation of noble mould takes about 90 days. Natural mould is a guarantee of natural salami fermentation which gives the product its recognizable and unique aroma.

Gavrilović Ltd

Gavrilović Ltd. relies on the tradition of meat processing that extends back for more than 300 years and which was passed down through the centuries by eight generations of the Gavrilović family. Back in 1690, the family first settled in Petrinja, leaving behind the turmoil of war in Bosnia. This is where they opened a butcher’s shop, which in 1821 developed into the meat industry that we know nowadays. The name Gavrilović has survived throughout all the periods, primarily due to product quality. As one of the oldest meat industries in Croatia and Europe, in the ownership of Gavrilović family...

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