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Gauss Box V.1.0.

Gauss Box V.1.0.

Gauss Box is a modular solution for managing sales processes and customer relationship that provides advanced features and adapts to the needs of each user. The product consists of packages tailored to the needs and possibilities of users which can be used separately or combined into a single package. Gauss Box is a complete solution for sales, document management, marketing activities and organization of sales teams.

Gauss Ltd.

Gauss Development started in 2012 as a custom web solutions development company with a team of several innovative, creative and engaged enthusiasts. The company grew fast and soon became a full-service design and development agency serving global markets. Today, we operate as a high-quality development agency with 75+ employees, eight teams delivering a wide range of high quality IT solutions. Achieved the 19th place on the Deloitte list of 50 fastest growing tech companies in CE and the first place in Croatia for 2016. u.