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Extra virgin and virgin olive oil

Extra virgin and virgin olive oil

The extra virgin and virgin olive oil made by the agricultural cooperative Marina is produced by using traditional mechanical means that directly process the indigenous olive crop Oblica, geographically cultivated in the olive fields of the Marina area.

The extraordinary land and climate conditions of the Central Dalmatia region combined with the genetic properties of the indigenous Oblica olive plant, and the expertise in olive processing are the base foundations for producing this top-quality product.

The olive oil has extraordinary organoleptic and chemical properties, achieved by practicing a careful harvesting schedule immediately followed by a high-standard machinery processing. In this fashion, all natural positive qualities from the crop are being tranferred to the oil.

The positive organoleptic properties of the Marina extra virgin olive oil and the virgin olive oil are a distinguished fruity taste, mild bitterness and moderate spicyness.

The chemical properties, indicating health safety and biological value, are measured by sophisticated appliances to ensure high quality.

Agricultural cooperative Marina

The development of agricultural cooperatives in Marina, a vastly agricultural area, dates back to 1907, when a „mutual farmer's register“ was founded. It was the first attempt at organised commerce by the Marina farmers. Throughout its history, the cooperative in Marina has been the herald of development of the entire Marina area. Beside its contribution to agricultural development, it is notable to mention a great contribution to the development of tourism and the building of capital road and drainage infrastructure framework in today's town area. During the post-war 90ties hundreds of acres of olive fields are replanted and expanded, assuming...