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84% of Croatian population decides to buy products of Croatian quality

Divine Parquet

Divine Parquet

Massive classic oak parquet

Michelangelo solid parquet is made from the best raw oak wood in dimensions ranging from 250mm to 1200mm, with the width of 40 to 90 mm and thickness of 14 and 21mm.

Its dimensions are ideal for all combinations and methods of laying the floor and its dimensional stability ensures the quality and durability of flooring.

The interplay of texture and imperfections, created by nature throughout years, make it fit perfectly into most modern rooms with simple lines (first class), but also in spaces of rustic decoration which require a more rustic texture (lower classes).

Massive classic ash parquet

Van Gogh parquet is manufactured from the highest quality raw ash in sizes ranging from 250 mm to 1200 mm, with the width of 40 to 90 mm and thickness of 14 and 21 mm.

Ash parquet is specific for its bright colour and is ideal for smaller spaces that need more light, but also for larger spaces that are decorated in brighter tones. A wide range of sizes and colours allow a variety of combinations, and it is possible to combine a bright surface of simple textures and colours (first class), but also a more colourful surface (lower classes) which reveals its natural origin through the colours.

Rustic oak floor

Made from the highest quality raw oak wood, it brings the feeling and magic of nature into any home. Available in sizes from 600 to 2200 mm, widths from 120 to 200 mm and thickness of 15 and 20.4 mm. Its large size in space gives the impression of naturalness and rusticity which we could have witnessed in the houses of our ancestors.

Drvoproizvod Inc.

Drvoproizvod Inc. Jastrebarsko was founded in 1970, and in 1980 a new factory equipped with modern technology was built. The factory complex is located next to the highway and the Zagreb –Karlovac railway. Massive parquet, which forms the main production program, is made from quality oak, beech and ash of controlled origin (the FSC international certificate). Modern, contemporary production technology meets the most demanding standards of the international market. Part of the total production is sold on the domestic market, and about 70 percent is exported to European countries and other countries worldwide. The company provides full service of parquet...