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Dalmatian prosciutto – Premium

Dalmatian prosciutto – Premium

Dalmatian prosciutto – Premium is a product of a high quality produced from selected breeds of pigs as a basis for prosciutto production in general. Processing of prosciutto, salting and massage is done manually in order to achieve an optimal preparation of meat for further technological steps. For this step is used exclusively sea salt on the one hand acts as a natural preservative and on the other the addition which significantly influence on the future fermentation or maturation. “Putting on the smoke” where the temperature may not exceed 25°C it is also achieved a protection of products along with getting a specific flavour unique to the Dalmatian prosciutto. The last phase, which also takes the longest time – at least ten months – is a period when the meat matures by the complex changes of protein, fat and loss of water, which eventually results in a stable product that is characterized by a specific taste and rounded flavour. The exceptional quality of this prosciutto is largely achieved through the latest technological process where the control of experts of each leg individually, evaluating required intensity of drying so that the changing of moisture would be optimal. This practice where prosciutto is maturing under controlled conditions with correction of influences of weather in chambers, in contrast to the tradition by which the prosciutto is dried directly in bora, with frequent sudden drying up, one of the key steps to get a superior product that can satisfy the most finicky gourmets.

Dalmatian prosciutto – Premium in the market is sold under the brand name “Tomy delicacies.”

Mijukic Prom

Store of prosciutto Mijukic Prom from Runovici in cooperation with Tommy Ltd. from Split began in 2004. intensive production in the processing of pork in durable dry meat products as a result of many years of work, leading the business practices of traditional methods of salting, smoking and drying, which has always been used in the area of Dalmatia, as well as the new technologies in order to ensure a healthy correct product. This family business with ten employees is specialized in the production of Dalmatian prosciutto and Dalmatian bacon, which can be found only in Tommy Ltd. packaged in...

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