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Dalmatian bacon

Dalmatian bacon

Dalmatian bacon Mijukic-prom Ltd. the product is obtained by salting, smoking and ripening specially selected parts of bodies of pigs. The professional control of raw materials at the beginning of the process, particular attention is given to the proportion of fat and muscle tissue. This ratio has to be perfect because it determines all future actions, so just according to it and the weight of each piece individually determines the amount of salt to be used in the process of salting. This is a procedure in which the most traditional methods, but with strict control of the set of technological parameters since it is about the most critical procedure of the entire process. In this production the most visible part of a blend of tradition and technology, that largely determines the specificity of the final product. In further proceedings of smoking and ripening it is used exclusively the cold procedures to ensure exactly specified temperature, humidity and air circulation and thus ensures a uniform production and healthy correct product. Only such methods of control of technological parameters with secure sanitary measures, it is possible to get a product that will fulfil all the prescribed quality parameters and thus be recognized as a product that truly deserves the “Croatian Quality”.

Mijukic Prom

Store of prosciutto Mijukic Prom from Runovici in cooperation with Tommy Ltd. from Split began in 2004. intensive production in the processing of pork in durable dry meat products as a result of many years of work, leading the business practices of traditional methods of salting, smoking and drying, which has always been used in the area of Dalmatia, as well as the new technologies in order to ensure a healthy correct product. This family business with ten employees is specialized in the production of Dalmatian prosciutto and Dalmatian bacon, which can be found only in Tommy Ltd. packaged in...

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