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Banking application DABAR ver. 5

Banking application DABAR ver. 5

The banking application DABAR version 5 is the result of experience in co-operation with customers using the most advanced information technologies over a period of twenty years. The characteristics of the application are integrity, security, functionality, flexibility and efficiency. Using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) enables the independence and transparency of the system.

The banking application DABAR version 5 consists of modules that cover the entire information system of the bank. Modules are interconnected and are combined and configured according to the needs of the customers.


Payment transactions

SWIFT, HSVP, forced collection, model 3, RTGSX clearing

Foreign-currency operations

Position, credentials, forms, guarantees, outstanding items, back office


Loans, margin loans, back office, bills of exchange, card operations

Deposit operations

Front office, back office, card operations, call centre


Brokerage operations, treasury, trusteeship, lawsuits

Risk management

Reservations, capital adequacy, external reports, data warehouse, statistical and creditworthiness reports, Pentaho reporting

Internet banking

Business organization is based on the application of the quality management system according to ISO 9001 and information security management system according to ISO 27001 standards.

Dabar informatika Ltd.

Dabar informatika Ltd. is a company for the development of information systems based on its own programming. It specializes in software solutions for financial institutions. It offers its customers "turnkey" solutions covering applications, consulting, training of key users, configuring server systems, network systems and support for the operations after the rollout. Its main product is the banking application support DABAR ver. 5 that is constantly updated with new modules to meet individual requirements and current developments. Over the last twenty years Dabar informatika Ltd. has cooperated with a great number of financial institutions on the markets of Croatia, Montenegro and...