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Consultancy, testing and repair of tachographs

Consultancy, testing and repair of tachographs

Tahograf Ltd mostly provides services. The most important ones are those dealing with Legal liability of using a device that automatically records speed and distance in commercial vehicles known as tachograph. For a hauler the use of tachograph implies series of other obligatory actions such as: testing in a two year period of time, accurate record and analysis of driver’s working hours and rest times, speed limit study, education of drivers for proper use of tachographs etc. For some of these actions special government authorities permit is recquired, while the other can be regulated by contract between the owner of the vehicle and the services providing firm.
Tahograf Ltd, considering the fact that all the jobs related to tachographs: maintainance, testing/calibration, data processing, their analysis and retaining, are difficult and unknown to the vehicle owners, as well as the fact that they lack personell who could do it, has created special package of services applicable for any type of motor pool and any hauler regardless of organizational complexity and space displacement.
To be present on every part of the territory considered as our market is an important element of successful offer of our services. There are 7 workshops of our own and 83 workshops under contract located on the teritory of Republic of Croatia so that our services, when needed, are available no matter of the seat of the hauler or the location of the vehicle. In order to provide equally well-performing services, regardless the chosen workshop, all the workshops under contract are provided with all the necessary technical support. We provide training of technicians in the workshops, spare parts are provided, we provide information on technical and legal changes, equipment and all the necessary tools, we follow their work to see if the quality standard is respected.

The field of the tachograph changes dynamically. Some changes are conditioned by technical and technological progress, and some by change of regulations. Being a leader in the market and for the haulers the relevant source of information means you have to be at their source and keep track of them. Company Tahograf Ltd is a representative of a tachograph manufacturer who has almost 80% share in the European market and as a representative always has the most up-to-date information.
Regarding regulations, especially EU regulations, Tahograf Ltd not only monitors their adoption, but also actively participates in the technical preparations of regulations through the activities of their staff who is an independent expert member of the expert working group of the EU Commission.
We have submitted a request for the award of the “Croatian Quality” sign for a part of our service related to legally prescribed periodic tests and tachograph repairs and as a value added advising our users about the use of tachographs and data recorded by the tachograph. Since the use of the tachograph is the obligation prescribed by law for certain categories of carriage, the users of our services covered by this obligation have difficulties caused by frequent changes to the laws regulating the area as well as changes to the types of tachographs conditioned on one hand by the rapid development of technology and technology, and on the other hand by amending regulations. In the state of continuous struggle on the road transport market, our service users are focused on the organization of transportation and maintenance of the fleet. As the regulations on working time and compulsory vacation of drivers, conducting work records using tachographs and compulsory archiving and analysis of data recorded by tachographs for carriers and drivers are complicated and subject to frequent modifications, it is their monitoring and timely response to changes of additional burdens coming out of the „everyday“ business. Tahograf Ltd, in addition to the tachograph service testing and repair service, provides a service to familiarize leaders of te fleet and drivers with current regulations and the proper use of a tachograph.
The associated service from our company’s bidding is archiving and analyzing the data recorded by the tachograph, which is a carrier’s obligation envisaged by law.
To the users of our tachograph test and repair service, we offer a regular download of data from the driver’s record recorded on tachographs and / or digital tachograph driver’s cards, archiving, analyzing and keeping them within the statutory period of 3 years. We provide service users with the results of the analysis with commentaries on the actions that they might have to take.
As far as we know this kind of additional services that unite all of the above, Tahograf Ltd started to be the first in Croatia and among the first in Europe. Nowadays, a significant number of companies provide this kind of service, which results in stronger competition in the market. This forces us to maintain a high level of service quality through active monitoring of new regulations in the field of tachographs and the use of the latest technological / technical solutions that enable us to increase our efficiency.
The following type of service, relating to tachograph testing and repairs, is to provide support to workshops authorized to test and / or repair a tachograph. Support refers to providing all the technical information necessary for the work of an authorized workshop and information on the obligations of workshops imposed by EU and Croatian regulations. Providing these services is done through introductory information and assistance when opening new workshops and applying for them to obtain authorization for work from the competent state body, initial and periodic training of technicians in the workshop, provision of technical documentation and work procedures for tachograph inquiries and repairs, info a telephone for providing technical information and assisting technicians during a tachograph workshop.
Once a year we organize a joint meeting of all tarmac technicians who are relying on us on technical support, where we jointly sum up the results of the past year and present any changes in the legislative or technical changes on tachographs. Such meetings are also used by workshop representatives to evaluate our work in the past period and suggest possible changes that could improve our work.
These services are also provided on the markets of Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Albania and Montenegro. In Slovenia we have our office in Ptuj. In Serbia and Montenegro we are present through the daughter company Tahograf BG Ltd based in Belgrade.

Tahograf Ltd.

Company Tahograf Ltd has grown on the foundations of a long-standing family tradition of craftsmanship. Since the beginning, the company has been growing steadily with intensive technical technology development in the field of commercial vehicles and IT technology applied in them, relying on the motto that its development is not the sole purpose but new technology needs to be put into service to its users in order to increase the efficiency of work processes. Our activity is related to creating value added to fleet owners irrespective of whether they are primary, secondary or tertiary fleets with full orientation towards the...