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Cetina – natural spring water

Cetina – natural spring water

Cetina natural spring water is the greatest gift of nature that arises from Dinara, the highest Croatian mountain. Calcareous peaks of Dinara and its eternal thirsty rockeries collect natural and clean water, and leak through its karst womb. Quietly, in the depths and darkness, water scratches prehistoric minerals from Dinara’s stone and enriches giving Cetina her easy, karsts mineral composition.

All of its minerals and crystal purity, all the zest and defiance of the harsh rocky ground, all its clearness and absolute intactness of creator Dinara, Cetina is filled at the source in bottles without any additional chemical treatment. Cetina in the bottle is the same as it is the source of Cetina.

As an ideal drink in all weather conditions, carbonated and non-carbonated spring water Cetina is filled in more packaging. For travellers, athletes, amateurs Cetina is ideal in the bottle of 0.5 L, for refreshment on a table is available in a bottle of 1,5 and 2 L, and as a family pack of Cetina of 7 and 18,9 L.

Naturalis Ltd.

The company Naturalis Ltd. was founded in 2002. Headquarters is located in Civljani in Sibenik-Knin County. Since its foundation it's 100% in a private ownership. Throughout the year, the company has at least 20 employees, while in season the number of employees doubles. All employees are from surrounding areas, Vrlika, Kijev, Knin, Sinj and others. The company operates mainly in the Croatian market, a smaller part in the BiH market. In the future they intend to expand in the markets of other countries in the region.