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Centrix is integrated IT solution that gives supports to the management of documents, processing of subjects and management and control of business processes within of state administration bodies.

Centrix solution offers specialized modules that support each stage of the business process of state administration bodies:

– Centrix Writing office

– Centrix Internal delivery

– Centrix Correspondent

– Centrix Shipping

– Centrix Archive

Unified and consolidated database of all data Centrix provides precise insight into the entire business of state administration bodies and relevant persons to obtain accurate and timely information about any aspect of the business.

The integration of specialized modules in overall Centrix system provides numerous advantages:

– establishing control over the business processes

– continued compliance with operating procedures and deadlines

– ensuring promptness in carrying out tasks

– complete control of access to documents

Its simple application contributes to greater productivity of system users with significant time savings and reduction of costs.

The digitization of records and overall control of all documents and records improves and simplifies the daily work of the state administrative bodies, which is best shown by the most complex state bodies that improved their business with business Centrix solution.


Omega software is a Croatian company founded in 2001. From the very beginning of its business is based on developing and integration of complete IT business solutions. The focus on the identification of future long-term needs of clients through continuous monitoring of its activities and consultations on possible improvements of the business system and the orientation towards the realization of business solutions and services in niche markets where clients can be offered only the best are some of the guidelines of the company Omega software. Over the past 10 years of work and training in the provision of IT services,...

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