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Capron – soft fat cheese made from goat’s milk

Capron – soft fat cheese made from goat’s milk

Capron is a soft fat cheese made from goat’s milk, which ripens on a red smear. Its pastry dough is tender with specific flavor and aroma. Through specific ways of treatment a reddish-yellow bacterial culture called Brevibacterium linens develops on the surface.  In combination with a range of technology-driven processes this is the reason for the unique taste of Capron.

Goat’s milk is ideal for the production of cheese since it transfers its specific aroma and ingredients into the cheese. It is great for canapés and cheese platters or served at the restaurant buffet (particularly in beer houses).

It won the gold medal at the World Cheese Awards in London in 2011 and bronze medal in 2005.

Vindija Inc.

Vindija Inc., a food giant from Croatia and one of the largest food producers in Europe, has built its success based on innovation, technology and knowledge for more than fifty years. The company rich in tradition with a defined mission, a well-planned strategy and a clear vision of development encompasses eight respectable member companies: Vindija, producer of milk, dairy products and non-alcoholic beverages; Koka, the poultry meat industry; VIR Rijeka, producer of processed cattle meat; Latica bakery from Varaždin; Vindon from Slavonski Brod, the newly built factory for the production and processing of turkey and Domil, Županja county dairy. The...

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