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84% of Croatian population decides to buy products of Croatian quality



Bajadera is a supreme dessert of unique composition made from high quality ingredients the origin of which is strictly controlled. Bajadera is unique due to the original and protected Kraš recipe according to which sugar with almonds and hazelnuts is treated in a special way. Apart from enjoyment which it gives at consumation it also has a nutritive value. Hazelnuts and almond, basic ingredients of Bajadera are good in prevention of heart diseases, they reduce cholesterol and contain dietary fibres. Bajadera is the best sold and by consumers highest rated dessert in Croatia, but it is also known and well accepted in foreign markets. Today almost half of total produced quantity is placed in foreign markets. For its quality and uniqueness Bajadera was awarded many international and home prizes.


Kraš is the first and largest confectionery manufacturer in the southeastern Europe. Founded in 1911 in Zagreb, Kraš has created its tradition in producing top quality and delicious chocolates, bonbons and wafers. Almost 90 years of dynamic development have been rounded by a modern high performance series production of three basic groups of confectionery products: cocoa products (chocolates, chocolate desserts), flour confectionery products (biscuits and wafers) and bonbons (bonbons and chewing gums). By year-long investment in development and modernisation of production as well as a continuous observing of consumers' wishes and following the global trends in sweets, Kraš has become...

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