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Aurelia – fresh pasta: Noodles, Wide noodles, Green noodles, Spaghetti

Aurelia – fresh pasta: Noodles, Wide noodles, Green noodles, Spaghetti

Green noodles

For pasta Aurelia are used only the top quality natural ingredients, such as green noodles and green by nature! Unlike other green pasta which is coloured with spinach, this pasta is special as it contains nettle, which gives it an unusual, intriguing flavour. Nettle has a positive effect on human health.


Spaghetti Aurelia will surely satisfy the taste expectations of those who like pasta. The preparation of fresh spaghetti only takes a few minutes.

Noodles- Tagliatelle

The high quality and top ingredients of fresh noodles Aurelia just need to ennoble with a fine sauce.

Nase Klasje Ltd.

The company Nase Klasje exists since 2001 and it was established as a greenfield investment in the production of food products for creating, developing and selling innovative products. Today it owns two factories which produce two groups of products - fresh pasta Tortelloni Aurelia and raw materials for bakeries. Its products can be found in 10 countries, from Greece to Germany. In the domestic market, the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Kosovo have a leading position in the sale of fresh pasta. Innovation is the key feature of the company. Whether it is about technological innovations, market and...

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