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Sagena informatics engineering Ltd.

Sagena informatics engineering Ltd.
Jakova Gotovca 1
10000 Zagreb

Sagena is a modernly organized informatics company, founded in 1992 in Zagreb. The company is oriented on project planning and solution generating by the “key in hand” principle. The business covers various providing services from the IT infrastructure build up, implementing sofware and applications, to testing and maintainance.
The company’s mission is to enable the usage of advanced technologies in the business management of various domestic and international businesses in order to improve their clients business efficiency.
The company’s vision is offer the market the latest security ICT and their own solutions by permanently investing in their potential through permanent education and training programmes.
The company’s quality is certified with the ISO 9001 control management system certificate. Sagena’s clients encompass small to large businesses from private and public sectors of various profiles.
The company’s management is divided to represetation, services and solution offering. Sagena is the representative of the largest information security company McAfee, Austrian ISIS known for the document managing system PapyrusDocumentSystem, and the Spirent company for testing equipment production among others.
The company offers a group of security services Always safe, which technical and service solutions prevent usage risk.
Their offer includes AsYouWish solution product, that provides direct informing and communication with end-users and the provision of visuals content.

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