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Poljodar tim Ltd.

Poljodar tim Ltd.
B.J. Jelačića 77
43500 Daruvar

Poljodar tim Ltd. is an agricultural company with headquarters in Daruvar. Our main activity is the production and cultivation of crops, seed processing, maize products and provision of services and trade. Poljodar tim owns 1500 acres of land for their broad scope of activities, located in Poilovlje, West Slavonia region, about 20 kilometres from Daruvar. For 30 years, we have patiently and persistently worked on an intensive land restructuring, on meliorating, equalizing and leveling, achieving a fully equipped infrastructure. Roads and drainage channels are being maintained and studious drainage is being conducted. In this manner, this part of Poilovlje region is safe from floods, and does not suffer in drought seasons.
At the beginning of the new century, we achieved another great progress. In 2001 we expanded the flow dryer, the mill for maize and seed processing, the silos and the control laboratory. In 2004, a new line for drying maize seed with a new warehouse was built, and the seed production is implemented with the newest techological innovations. All crop products are processed in said locations fulfilling high-quality standards.
Poljodar tim today is a modern crop products company with high production technology and the newest seed proceessing manufactory in this region. The private laboratory for crop and seed quality testing ensures impeccable high-level quality control. The wholesome process is completed by the production of freshwater fish and beef. The company also performs services with its private airplanes.
The poljodar tim is maintaining the highest ecological standards in the wholesome production process and gives its full attention to the preservation of the environment by implementing biotechnical practices, which is supported by routine testing and researching on our premises.

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