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Maraska Inc.

Maraska Inc.
Biogradska cesta 64 a
23000 Zadar

Maraska Inc. Zadar is a company which successfully continues five centuries long tradition of making liqueur in three thousand year old City of Zadar, and its products are known and recognized in home and world markets. The name and development of Maraska are a result of the best what this unique and autochthonous fruit – Dalmatian marasca sour cherry, Prunus Cerasus Maraska, has to offer. This beautiful fruit rich in vitamins and minerals grows best in Zadar hinterland and Dalmatia.
From the rich range of Maraska’s products special brands stand out: fruit liqueurs Maraschino, Cherry brandy and Orahovac, plant liqueurs Pelinkovac and Vlahovac and unique fruit syrup Amarena and fruit nectar Maraška.

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