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Badel Ltd.

Badel Ltd.
Quirinova 8
44000 Sisak

In 1930, the Badel family established the company Badel Brothers for the production of vinegar, alcohol and strong alcohol beverages in Sesvete, near Zagreb. Through history and through modification of political system, the company operated independently or as part of larger systems.

In Autumn 2009, by establishment of TITA Group, BADEL became a part of the group which also includes company LABUD Ltd. and KUTRILIN TPV Ltd.
In March 2011, BADEL purchased the company SEGESTICA Ltd. which was bankrupt, production plants of both companies merged, and BADEL completely transferred its production from Sesvete to Sisak and revitalised its former plants of SEGESTICA. Installed production and technological capacities enable quality production of vinegar, strong alcohol drinks and service production of private trade marks in both segments.
Tradition of more than 80 years makes BADEL today a fully-fledged manufacturer who systematically develops and leads the trends in the segment of vinegar and strong alcoholic drinks. Particular success on the market is achieved by recognisable products of vinegar KISKO, VODKA TROJKA and vinegar and strong alcohol drinks SEGESTICA, as well as our industrial offer in these segments.
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