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Zagorski mlinci

Zagorski mlinci

Zagorski mlinci are authentic Croatian hand made product, made from flour t550, salt and water. Dough that we get by mixing these ingredients is dried on the heated panel. Thus prepared tatters you can et so that you pour salty boilng water over them, drain and put in the frying fat. Our tatters are hand made but by the HACCP system of production. Zagorski mlinci KOGUTEX are produced without artificial additives, colorings and flavorings.

Kogutex tjestenine d.o.o.

KOGUTEX Tjestenine d.o.o.was founded as a production company of a traditionaly hand made product from region Hrvtasko Zagorje - product Zagorski mlinci (pasta tatters). We are certified manufacturer and we produce a Zagorski mlinci according to manufacturer's specification. We are certified by Bureau Vertias Croatia. We employ 17 employees, placeing the product Zagorski mlinci on domestic croatian market, and we also export in EU.