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Folding trap

Folding trap

The specialty of the folding trap is a skeleton made of more resilient arms over which is stretched net with an opening on the side for the fish entrance. Folding trap is innovation that is largely solves the problem of the occupied area by the classic trap, and that without limiting its functionalities and purposes.

Options that are obtained by this innovation are multiple. A different order of resilient arms, which are the structural part, it is possible to get a lot of different shapes and sizes of traps. The entrance, which is very important in keeping the fish in trap is intertwine with the wires that when collecting and saving trap does not disturb and always remain properly distributed without additional actions. Depending on the season, on which fish or molluscs are being caught, that entrance can be simply extended or reduced because for the fishing of different species of fish is used different opening width.

Folding trap of the same size as it is a classic trap occupies 20 times less space and is the ideal solution for any type of fishing traps. The focus of trap obtained with such structure and weight distribution ensures even falling and lowering of trap to the bottom always on the predicted side. The cubic meter can be stacked up to 100 folding traps of classic dimensions. It is made entirely of stainless steel and professional fishing net, as it greatly extends the service life.


– Heart-shaped

– Round

– Checkered

– Trap for lobsters

– Trap for shrimpers