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Good digestion is essential for a healthy life, so take care of your digestion and enjoy the rich and refreshing taste of Dukat SenSia while you are at it. Made from top quality domestic milk with the addition of Bifidus Naturalis culture, Dukat SenSia is enriched with calcium that contributes to the normal function of digestion and is a source of inulin fibres. Daily consumption of SenSia, together with a moderate and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle, helps reduce digestive problems and contributes to the normal function of digestive enzymes.

Functional fermented dairy drink SenSia nature is available in 150 g, 330 g and 1 kg packagings. Also look for SenSia pear and grape and Sense blueberry in practical 330-gram bottles, ideal for consumption on the go. If you are paying particular attention to proper intake of select ingredients, enjoy SenSia red fruit with cereals that provide a light meal with great taste of only 120 kcal in the 300-gram packaging!

If you are on the move or in a hurry, there is SenSia Snack, a line of nutritious meals in cups and bottles for people on the move. SenSia Snack is a light and healthy dairy meal enriched with eco muesli and can be found in the practical “on the go” packaging of 190 g with a spoon for consumption. Also look for SenSia Snack Drink, a nutritious meal in a bottle with a particularly large share of healthy cereals in two delicious combinations: SenSia Snack Drink honey and cereals and SenSia pineapple and cereals! SenSia proudly bears the “Croatian Quality” label.
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Dukat Inc.

With 14 production facilities in Croatia (Dukat dairy plants, Sirela and KIM dairy plant Karlovac), Bosnia and Herzegovina (Inmer dairy plant), Serbia (Somboled dairy plant), Macedonia (Ideal dairy plant) and Romania (LaDorna dairy with eight production plants), Dukat dairy industry has masterfully positioned itself as the leading Croatian and regional dairy company, making Dukat the leading domestic and regional brand of dairy products. The backbone of the Dukat business philosophy are fresh, natural, healthy and nutritionally rich dairy products without preservatives, produced from domestic milk of the best quality. In all the markets where it is present with its own...

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