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Fish pate with Adriatic shrimp

Fish pate with Adriatic shrimp

Gastronomy lovers and others who consider themselves knowledgeable when it comes about food, share an opinion about Adriatic shrimp: they are delicious. This pate is made of pure whitefish meat, with additional Adriatic shrimp tails and organic seasonings only.
The deliciousness comes from the smell and the taste of this carefully selected spices, and the secret to its durability (which was accomplished without the use of preservatives) is in the procedure of pasteurization. It also help preserve nutritional value of the ingredients of this product.
Trenton Fish Pate with Adriatic Shrimp is also easily applicable to fast food lifestyle since it is ready-made meal and it doesn’t require further preparation.
This synergy of top quality recipe and highly developed technology results in natural, healthy and, above all, very tasty meal, appropriate as part of bigger meals or appetizers.
On the market, Trenton Fish Pate with Adriatic Shrimp can be found in 80 g, 165 g and 270 g jars.

Trenton Ltd.

Trenton Ltd. is a family company founded in 1994 by the Karninčić family. The company started with purchasing, bottling and distribution of olive oil. In a relatively short period it expanded its offer by production of table olives, capers and salted anchovies - delicacies of the local area closely related with the olive oil. Since the very beginning, Trenton Ltd. has paid special attention to the quality and health safety of its products, in collaboration with the best experts, and constant cooperation with the competent laboratories in the country and abroad. High-quality standards combined with affordable prices have attracted a...

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